Our Company

Bred through over 50 years of hard work, innovation, and design, Zendoors is the leading garage door manufacturer in the industry. In fact, our work is on display on a majority of the homes in the GTA, and we are proud to continue to pursue manufacturing and design excellence.

Doors Built

We’ve spent years honing our craft, allowing us to build many doors for all types of clients. 


As times goes on, tastes change. We have a complete and complex library of designs to suit any distinguished palate.

Customers Served

Whether dealing directly with homeowners or builders alike, we are proud to serve our customers and offer the best possible finished product.

Our Commitment

We vet our entire supply chain to ensure we use only the highest quality, ethically sourced raw materials. From raw lumber mills in British Columbia to recycled wood products from Quebec, our supply chain is proudly Canadian. We only work with suppliers who pass the most rigorous global standards for ethically sourced inputs.