Sonoma T&G


The Sonoma T&G is a 1 panel wide door style that belongs to the Carriage design collection. The Sonoma T&G’s design is inspired by traditional rail & stile door construction combined with a tongue and groove panel design. Detailed craftsmanship is the hallmark of the Carriage Collection which recalls the old-world charm of barn and carriage doors.

  • Composite Material Product

  • Short Lead Times

  • High Durability & Longevity

  • Customizable

  • A variety of design styles available in sizes up to 16th wide and 12ft high.

  • A variety of tempered glass lites which can be interchangeable with any style door.

  • Clear or Acid Etched glass available.

  • 26 door styles to choose from.

  • 26 window styles to choose from.

  • Specialty 'mosaic' window layouts available.

  • Insulation options (non insulated/insulated)


Zendoors carries an array of accessories to pair with your door.