The Tudor is a 2 panel wide door style that belongs to the Transitional design collection. The Tudor’s continuous vertical design gives the appearance of large shaker panels that span the entire height of the door. Transitional designs are the ultimate pairing of traditional design cues and modern styling. Zendoors’ Transitional Collection evokes a timeless style, befitting only the finest of homes.

  • Composite Material Product

  • Short Lead Times

  • High Durability & Longevity

  • Customizable

  • A variety of design styles available in sizes up to 16th wide and 12ft high.

  • A variety of tempered glass lites which can be interchangeable with any style door.

  • Clear or Acid Etched glass available.

  • 26 door styles to choose from.

  • 26 window styles to choose from.

  • Specialty 'mosaic' window layouts available.

  • Insulation options (non insulated/insulated)


Zendoors carries an array of accessories to pair with your door.